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Dental Onlays: A Middle Ground for Tooth Restoration in Morinville

When facing a dental issue where a tooth is too damaged for a filling but not extensively damaged to warrant a dental crown, it's essential to find the right solution. Both capping a tooth with a dental crown and opting for a large dental filling have their drawbacks. Crowns remove more tooth structure than necessary, while large fillings can weaken the tooth, potentially leading to fractures or the need for a root canal in the future.

Fortunately, there is a dental restoration that can offer a balanced solution: dental onlays. Dental onlays bridge the gap between standard fillings and crowns, providing an effective way to address significant dental problems without resorting to a full crown.

When a tooth exhibits decay or damage that traditional amalgam or composite fillings cannot adequately address, dental onlays come into play. This is especially true when issues involve cuspal fractures or when the remaining tooth structure is compromised, affecting the tooth's perimeter walls. In such cases, a gold onlay might be the recommended treatment.

Gold onlays are a type of indirect dental restoration. They are designed to cover or onlay the areas of the tooth that have been compromised, including missing cusps. Gold onlays offer several advantages, similar to gold inlays. One of the most significant benefits is the preservation of the tooth's natural structure, which is crucial when the alternative is the complete removal of cusps and perimeter walls for a crown placement.

It's worth noting that onlays have a more extended margin compared to crowns. This margin is the line of contact between the restoration and the tooth. Some dental professionals express concerns about onlays due to their extended margin, as the quality of this margin can significantly impact the restoration's longevity and resistance to recurrent decay.

When you face the decision between a large filling, a dental crown, or a dental onlay, consult with at Westmor Dental in Morinville. Our practice is conveniently located at #19, 8807 - 100 Street and ready to provide you with the most suitable dental solution for your specific needs. Don't compromise your dental health; reach out to (780) 809-1212 and schedule your appointment today.

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