Emergency Dental Care Morinville

Emergency Dental Care Morinville

Dental Emergency Morinville

Do you have severe tooth pain or toothache?

Westmor Dental operates emergency dental services in Morinville. In the event of a dental emergency, please call us right away at (780) 809-1212 and you can see our dentist as soon as possible,

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Serious Toothache or tooth pain
  • Tooth Filling fall out or break
  • Crown, Veneer, Bridge or Implant crack, break or fall off
  • Sports related injury to teeth or gums
  • Mouth Swelling
  • Painful wisdom teeth and root canals

Are you experiencing swelling? What can you do?

Usually swelling occurs because of an infection. There might be a small infection in your teeth or gum tissue, or there might even be large amount of abscess that has to be drained. An infected swelling would usually feel quite tender to the touch. After checking your teeth thoroughly, an appropriate treatment would be prescribed for you by our dentist.

What should you do in case you have a broken denture?

A broken denture is usually easy to repair. But never attempt to repair it on your own since this could result in further damage. Call us to book your appointment

What are dental injuries?

Dental injuries include teeth that may be forced out of its position (extruded), broken (fractured) or knocked out. Injuries to the mouth are generally painful and have to be immediately treated by a dentist.

Severe tooth pain?

There are several over the counter pain medications that you choose from to temporarily reduce your toothache until you see a dentist. Call us immediately so we can arrange it as soon as possible. Do not treat toothache with pain medication for extended periods of time.

Contact us at (780) 809-1212 for hours and availability.

If you are looking for a dentist in Morinville for Emergency Dental Care please call us at (780) 809-1212 or book an appointment online.
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