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Removable partial dentures offer a fantastic solution for rejuvenating your smile. These dentures consist of replacement teeth expertly crafted and attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. These bases are skillfully connected by a sturdy metal framework that ensures durability and functionality. When it comes to attaching removable partial dentures to your natural teeth, you have two options: metal clasps or precision attachments.

Precision attachments, known for their aesthetic appeal and near invisibility, have become a popular choice among many. Unlike their counterpart, metal clasps, precision attachments seamlessly blend into your smile, offering both functionality and cosmetic benefits. In cases where additional support is needed, crowns on your natural teeth can significantly enhance the fit of your removable partial denture. These crowns are usually required when precision attachments are used. It's important to note that dentures with precision attachments may come at a slightly higher cost compared to those with metal clasps, but the benefits they offer are well worth the investment.

When considering the right type of removable partial denture for your needs, we recommend consulting with , our experienced and caring dentist at Westmor Dental in Morinville. will provide you with personalized guidance to ensure you make an informed decision that suits your unique requirements.

During the initial period of wearing your new partial denture, you may experience a slight adjustment phase where it may feel a bit awkward or bulky. Rest assured, this sensation is temporary, and your mouth will gradually adapt to the denture's presence. Learning to insert and remove the denture may require some practice, but our skilled team at Smile Station Dental, led by , will provide you with comprehensive instructions to make this process smooth and hassle-free.

It's crucial to follow all the instructions provided by and our dedicated staff. Your denture should comfortably fit into place without any forceful biting or adjustments. Attempting to force the partial denture into position by biting down can lead to damage, such as bending or breaking of the clasps.

will provide you with precise instructions regarding the duration for which the denture should be worn and the appropriate times for removal. Initially, you may be advised to wear your partial denture consistently, even if it feels slightly uncomfortable. This approach allows us to quickly identify any areas of the denture that may require adjustments. If the denture exerts excessive pressure on a specific area, it may lead to soreness. Rest assured that will make the necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. After these adjustments, you may be advised to remove the denture before bedtime and replace it in the morning.

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If you're eager to enhance your smile with removable partial dentures, don't hesitate to reach out to and the team at Westmor Dental. We are conveniently located at #19, 8807 - 100 Street in Morinville, AB. Your journey to a more beautiful and functional smile begins with a simple phone call. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with and take the first step towards a confident and revitalized smile.

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